Charm City Makers Research Bibliography-Jessica Searfino

For general research pertaining to 3D printing in schools and starting an afterschool program

Getting a makerbot through Kickstarter

How to start a Makerspace_Don Abrams Blog

How to start an afterschool curriculum

Makerbot Sample curriculum for Google Sketchup- Makerbot wants to bring students more access to 3D printing, therefore they have started creating approachable daily tutorials for the 3D modeling program Google sketchup.

Makerspace at Westport Library

Mentor Makerspace_DARPA program for high schools

Mentor Makerspace and Other Lab Collaboration

Other Lab

Fab Lab at School Resources

Makerspace Playbook- from Make Magazine. Make is starting to compile an online curriculum for after school makerspaces.

Makerspace Tools and Materials suggested in order to set up an innovative space for students to work afterschool.


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